Private Search For
Lost Persons

At Search and Rescue Services we provide a personal service to the family and community of lost persons.

We provide expert assistance to family and community members who wish for assistance in the search of lost persons. Our expert consultants have backgrounds providing specific experience relevant to search and rescue operations.

Our service for person search is generally free if it is local and within our company time frame for other commitments and pre booked work in place.

If you require coordination of your search we offer a few options. The fast coordination of a search is paramount in effective search tactics. At Search and Rescue Services we use “SARTopo” and “Lost Person Behaviour” to coordinate our searches.

Again we are happy to attend for free in person for thermal drone use, paramotor and on foot however long term searches may be charged. Also we charge for planning and mapping searches using our SARTopo login. A few options for this:

  1. Off site planning and mapping allowing up to 9 live tracks to be managed during a search. Cost: $250 per week
  2. On site search coordination (Requires command post to be within good Data signal range) $800 per day

Search teams will download an APP where they log in and turn on live track and we can see them live when in signal and if not in signal the data will upload to map when back in signal. We can use thee bread crumb trail to see exactly where they have been.

Additional travel, accommodation, costs and duration will need to negotiated with the family.

When family or the community wish for additional assistance from professionals to assist or continue the search of a lost person, Our wide variety of experts in the field can be contracted out to assist.

Please view out staff list to see our consultants backgrounds.
We can support you with things such as:

  • Search Dogs
  • Helicopters
  • Aircraft
  • Scuba Diving
  • Free Diving
  • White Water Access
  • Vertical Rappelling
  • Remote Area Access
  • Drone Services with Thermal Imaging
  • Night Search Teams
  • Advanced Medical Care


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