Contact me ASAP on day one to assist in Thermal Drone Search or other search needed. We are free to you and we can try fit in our search around my other work commitments.

When dealing with Police:

1. Take the advice of police on what to do

2. Allow Police to take control

3. Record dates, times and who you have spoken to from police

4. Seek an email address of the officer in charge of the case.

5. If you ring police follow up with an email to the officer in charge of case outlining what you just spoke about

SEEK and Event number early so you can ask 131444 to add event number into the CAD for easier link later.

6. If something important needs immediate non life threatening police attention call 131444 (Police assistance line) and report to them as they will record conversation and also create a CAD job (Computer record for a job to attend on computer) This CAD job must be completed and even linked to the police event / case. Please seek the CAD number generated from your phone call and record this down.

7. Record a very detailed log of everything you do or others do. This will come in handy later.

8. Seek via email from OIC every day of what the police are planning to do to try locate the missing person. Especially in the first week. After the first week this report could be pushed out to every Monday and Friday.

9. Seek to obtain the police maps of the search area conducted.

10. Consider having a family representative present at the commend post each day to record and oversee the search.

11. Try and obtain the missing persons email address, google account username and password and provide that to police and also me. We can trace metadata of the persons location and online usage.

12. After a few days or weeks police may decide to stop the search which is quite normal. You will feel like you want more done but this is how it is. Police may be reactivated to search if additional information or fresh evidence is located. Report all information via email or 131444.

13. Police should take a report or statement from you. A report may be a simple verbal thing you tell police. This will be added into the police event. However a full statement should be collected from those who have critical information or history of the matter. If police do not take a statement from you it is recommended you provide your own statement to police and this can be done via an email to the OIC. It can be done via email and not a proper statement as this missing person will probably become a Coroners investigation. In a Coroners investigation any evidence can be admitted and does not have to be a proper statement.

14. Have as many people you know send in a email to the OIC with information about the matter. What is good about a Coroners matter all evidence is admitted even if it is your own opinion, belief, concern, worry….anything. Put it in the email.

15. Police Rescue will take on the role of Search Coordinator and they have access to Thermal drone as well. Thermal Drones should be deployed ASAP and should really only be operated at night when dark and ground is cool. If Thermal drone is being used during day only this is not good enough. Demand Thermal drone at first few nights of being lost.

16. Police will be involved at many levels. First you will have local General Duties Turn up to take report. Then the Sergeant will be spoken to, then the Sgt will speak with the Inspector (Duty officer) who will deploy a Police Search Coordinator. The Duty Officer will have overall say on where this operation goes and at the ground level the Search Coordinator will plan the search and who comes. Police have access to Sniffer dogs, Drones, Polair chopper, Westpack Chopper, etc.


  1. Start an online presence from facebook called (Find ______)
  2. Start a facebook chat room where you can add people to coordinate search
  3. Start a gofund me page to assist in costs.
  4. Purchase large signs similar to that of a real estate with his photo / Car / Name / contact
  5. Do a letter box drop with details of missing person and add in on flyer that Drones may be used in the area.
  6. Organise a community based search to turn up at command post where police will deploy them to areas to search.
  7. Dont take on all the jobs yourself. As police pull away you will be left to run things yourself and plan your own searches. Try obtain people to run the following roles: Police Liaison, Search planning, Media and Social media, Door knocking/poster/fliers
  8. Consider calling us out to job to assist in Search as a private company. We can operate at same time as police but generally the emergency services are not too much of a fun of us so expect some push back. We operate human search for free when it can fit in with other work roles we have going on. If a more extended or full time role is needed we may need to negotiate a cost for this.


For any initial police job via phone call to 131444 a CAD job will be created for police to attend or complete job. This CAD will either be written off if nothing is needed to do. If a CAD job turns into something like a missing person a Police event will be created and will be given an event number like E123456789. This will remain in charge of the person who took carriage of the job. (OIC of job) A job can remain on their profile for some time (days to weeks) until it becomes protracted and drawn out and will become a Case. A case will look like C123456789. Every time a CAD job is created it can be linked to the event of case.