Search and Rescue Services provide swiftwater and flood rescue training courses

Our lead instructor is employed by Group 314 to deliver nationally recognised courses as listed below:

Public Safety Units:

PUASAR001 Perform land based swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery.

PUASAR002 Undertake swiftwater and floodwater rescue and recovery

The units above are delivered over 2 days for each unit. The advantage of this is that the extra time spent on PUASAR001 Land based allows students to gain full skill and knowledge in land-based operations to assist in water technicians. Students learn such things as using and managing Live Bait, Tension Diagonal, Weighted throw bag, V-Lower to name a few.

Outdoor Leadership Units:

SISORSC004 Self rescue in white water

SISORSC005 Rescue others in white water

This course is more suited to the Outdoor recreation or other agencies who just need basic skills in and around swiftwater. We can tailor the course to suit your organisation needs. We can teach you to be safe around moving water and also how to assist your mates who need help in moving water.

Some basic samples of Swiftwater rescue training delivered by Philip Benfield.